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The Gold Standard is Back!
FIDIS Gold account - protect your money against inflation!
Minimize your Risks , Maximize your Profits!
A safe and easy path to investing in crypto
Instant Worldwide Transfers!
Free for life for early customers

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Crypto Index Investments

Reduced risks and costs with one click

  • Buy only one FI25 token instead of 25 cryptocurrencies
  • Start your crypto investments with as little as 25 US dollars
  • All crypto is stored and secured with top crypto custodians
  • Pay only one fee instead of 25, use one wallet and password instead of 25
  • Reduce your risks, diversifying crypto investments across the top cryptocurrencies

Gold Standard Account

Back your savings with physical gold

  • The world’s only account that pays up to 8% annually on physical gold
  • Turn your tokens into gold bullions anytime with the App
  • 24/7/365 access to your funds via FIDIS App or your debit card
  • Pay your expenses and bills with your debit card, which is backed by physical gold
  • Each FIDIS gold token equals 1 gram of gold held under the custody of top vaults in the world

Instant, Borderless Transfers

FREE for life for early subscribers

  • For those who overpay sending money globally or struggling to receive it instantly  
  • Transfer funds worldwide instantly in Gold, Crypto, USD or EUR, backed stablecoins
  • Instant, Borderless 24/7/365 transfers with the FIDIS App
  • Access your funds instantly via  FIDIS App or with your debit card 
  • Both sender and receiver must be registered with FIDIS

Crypto Index Investments


The FIDIS Crypto Index Investments is our solution for minimizing your research and maximizing your profits. No longer will you need to be concerned with selecting the next highest returning cryptocurrencies, as our tokens automatically incorporates the most capitalized and highest trending with highest upside potential of them all. You only choose the risk profile and pick tokens exposed to TOP Crypto, NFT, Gaming, Metaverse, or undervalued. These investments also mitigate your risk by diversifying your portfolio. It reduces your trading costs by allowing you to purchase one crypto asset instead of multiple, and it facilitates easier asset management by eliminating the necessity for several different cryptocurrency wallets and passwords.

FIDIS has provided the revolutionized approach, that all underlying assets to be held by FIDIS DAO LLC. Token holders will control those assets and be able to vote on important policies which affect the ownership and management of the DeFi smart contract.  The DAO structure allows all underlying  assets to be separated from the FIDIS’s own assets and makes them traceable, and more secure for  token holders.

It is our hope that by giving users more control over their investment capital, will lead the way in establishing a new era of increased financial oversight, accountability, and transparency.

More index tokens in NFT, DeFi, Gaming, Metaverse are coming soon!


FIDIS has Launched the FI25 Crypto Index Token.

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