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FIDIS empowers citizens around the world with fairness and an equal opportunity to break free from traditional financial restraints, offering protection and growth of their wealth in an affordable, borderless, fiat-less environment. We reward savings and sustainable consumption. At FIDIS, we serve our customers, not the other way around.


FIDIS backs your wealth in physical gold, breaking free from the concerns of inflation, government policy, fiat currencies, and the volatility of cryptocurrencies. Our prudent account holders enjoy 24/7/365 online access to their funds, higher saving rates, no-credit-check loans, instant borderless transfers, debit card convenience, diversified crypto investments, and high-interest on physical gold retirement savings.

Can your bank do that?


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Adviser. Technology

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Legal and Compliance

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10 Best Irvine Cryptocurrency Startups – The Future of Crypto
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No longer will users need to be concerned with selecting the next highest returning cryptocurrencies, as a new simple-to-own ETH-based token automatically allocates the most capitalized and highest trending cryptocurrencies into their investment…

Inflation. How to protect your wealth against it.

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..How the Government Secretly Steals Your Nest Egg. We are experiencing dramatic inflation….. “U.S. consumer prices are now the highest in 13 years, rising 5.4% over the past year — the sharpest 12-month inflation spike since 2008”.source; Reuters.com…

Article · Medium | August 06, 2021

A tsunami of digital transformation has clearly arrived at the doorstep the traditional banking system. Old habits are hard to change, and legacy systems prohibit us from quick adaptation.The needs of tomorrow’s customers… 

Article · Medium | September 02, 2021

The Gold Standard — The Investors Protection Against Government Spending…. “We have gold because we cannot trust governments”- President Herbert Hoover…. When your wealth is backed by physical gold, you are not susceptible to inflation.. placing yourself on the Gold Standard…

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