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Available Q1, 2023

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Breakthrough to Financial Freedom!
  • FIDIS is the fintech platform that offers all variety of financial services that traditional banks do. The primary difference is that we utilize blockchain technology to help you save money and protect you from inflation. 
  • To accomplish this, we issue digital assets on the blockchain (aka stablecoins) that are backed by an underlying gold or silver, as physical asset. FIDIS gold stablecoins offer the stability and security of gold with the portability, security, and privacy of digital crypto. 
  • Additionally, we offer a several different crypto indexes that are comprised of different cryptocurrencies assets allowing you to diversify your crypto investments easily and safely.  
  • FIDIS makes crypto investing simply and less risky. Our crypto indices which are backed by the top cryptocurrencies make it easy for new investors to safely navigate the crypto space.
  • FIDIS gold tokens can be instantly converted into real physical gold. Using the FIDIS app is the easiest way to buy, sell or redeem your gold. 
  • All gold that back our stablecoins are Insured by Lloyds of London. Our physical transfers and storage are managed best-in-class custody service providers – such as Brinks and IDS, and those assets are monitored and verified by top assayers such  as Bureau Veritas 


The Gold Standard is Back

  • FIDIS Gold Standard is the ultimate solution to save your money against inflation. While leading countries are experiencing hyperinflation, out-of-control government spending, and facing a hopeless ability to constrain debt, many see the world economy poised for collapse. Traditional bank interest rates on savings across the world are at all-time lows.
  • Gold is the oldest and most trustworthy currency in the world. But it has been considered a non-productive asset until it is sold. Concerns arise with its transport, storage, liquidity, and resale. How do you pay for a loaf of bread with a bar of gold? Fortunately, we have the solution!
  • FIDIS brings the Gold Standard back! It allows our customers store their wealth in physical gold with the convenience of everyday purchases using debit or credit card backed by physical gold. Every time when you make a purchase with your FIDIS card – we deduct a fraction of physical gold from your balance.
  • Customers can use their gold balance to make transfers, pay bills, as they usually do with other banks. On top of that they can transfer funds instantly to anyone in gold. For that purpose, receiver should open account with FIDIS.
  • Customers can get loans or credit card against their gold balance as a collateral. Other functionalities would be available once we launch the FIDIS app.
Available Q1, 2023

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The Gold Standard is Back!

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