Crypto Index Investments

A Safe and Easy Path to Investing in Crypto

FIDIS Crypto Indexes are our solution to make crypto investments simple, secure, and diversified.  No longer will you need to be concerned with selecting the next highest returning cryptocurrencies as our index tokens automatically incorporate the most capitalized and highest trending cryptocurrencies.

FIDIS Crypto Index tokens mitigate your risk by automatically diversifying your portfolio allowing you to invest passively in the crypto markets.  We reduce your trading costs by allowing you to purchase one crypto asset instead of multiple, and we facilitate easier asset management by eliminating the necessity for several different cryptocurrency wallets and passwords.

FIDIS has provided the revolutionized approach, that all underlying assets to be held by FIDIS DAO LLC. The DAO structure allows all underlying  assets to be separated from the FIDIS’s own assets and makes them traceable, and more secure for  token holders.

Choose your desired investment sector and let us handle the rest.

Minimize your risk – Maximize your profit!

Gold-Backed Account and Debit Card

The Gold Standard is Back.

FIDIS allows to secure your wealth by placing yourself on the gold standard, where your every deposit is backed by physical gold. 

FIDIS brings the Gold Standard back! It allows our customers store their wealth in physical gold with the convenience of everyday purchases using debit card backed by physical gold. 

Customers can use their gold balance to make transfers, pay bills, as they usually do with other banks. On top of that they can transfer funds instantly to anyone in gold. 

Customers can get loans or credit card against their gold balance as a collateral. 

Gold-Backed Debit Card.

FIDIS card is real gold in your wallet.

Put yourself on the Gold Standard with the comfort and ease of a debit card. Make gold your preferred currency.

Debit card
Credit card

1% cash back in gold on every purchase

Fidis App Preview

Crypto Payments Solution

Make micro crypto payments instantly

FIDIS Crypto Payments allows merchants to accept crypto payments in real-time and instantly settle customer transactions.  Merchants immediately receive funds in their accounts in their desired form of currency.  Customers are free to pay via a wide assortment of different cryptocurrencies.  Simplifying and reducing the barriers to cryptocurrency acceptance lets merchants expand their customer base while reducing transactional costs.

Save money, expand your customer base!

Cross-Border Instant Transfers

Send funds borderless cheaper and faster

FIDIS’s payment system and settlement network provides vastly superior benefits over traditional payment processing systems.  International settlement times are reduced from days to seconds.  Costly international transaction fees are eliminated allowing for a more robust and fluid payment network.

Send money worldwide in crypto, gold, USD, or EUR, and the recipient will receive the funds near-instantaneously in their FIDIS account.

Upgrade to FIDIS to enjoy the benefits of the instant worldwide transfers!

Move funds 24/7!