MetaFI Crypto Index

Invest in the Top Metaverses

 “Hello? Can you hear me?!” The next generation is trying to tell us something… Do you hear them? In a world full of creativity yearning to break free, the opportunities are infinite. The metaverse provides our future the ability to thrive, not limited by physical boundaries or rules, but only by their imagination. As Bitcoin heralded the advent of distributed ledger technology revolutionizing finance, the metaverse is starting to revolutionize digital identity, presence, and the concept of being human. The voice of the next generation has resounded around the world. Now that you have heard it, how do you help foster this opportunity for the benefit of all?


We, at FIDIS, were compelled to create our MetaFI Crypto Index in the belief that an opportunity for one is an opportunity for all. By purchasing MetaFI Crypto Index tokens you are providing support for the top ten largest metaverse projects while at the same time diversifying your risk and opening your portfolio to one of the next biggest potential growth opportunities of the 21st Century.


The FIDIS MetaFI Crypto Index is an easy-to-buy, easy-to-own Optimistic Ethereum-based token which automatically diversifies your funds across the top ten largest metaverse projects by market capitalization. No longer do you have to concern yourself with selecting individual metaverse projects. MetaFI’s novel and first-to-market passively-managed indexed approach solves this problem for you. Adding to this, Optimistic Ethereum further enhances this value proposition by providing MetaFI token owners with significantly lower transaction costs while at the same time reducing payment confirmation times. In our effort to listen to our customers and meet their needs, we have implemented an investor-controlled DAO which allows for MetaFI index management and administration to be fully distributed and decentralized.

 MetaFI Crypto Index provides you with the following benefits:

  •  Automatic diversification across the top ten largest metaverse
    projects by market capitalization
  •  Investor-controlled DAO for distributed and decentralized index

  •  Reduced trading costs and a cost-conscious approach to fees

  •  Simplified asset management paired with world-class FIDIS safekeeping

  •  Increased transactional speeds and lower latency clearing times

  •  Full support for DeFi trading

It is our dedication and commitment to making opportunities safer to pursue which drives our innovation forward. In this spirit, all invested funds are insured and secured by top-tier custodians and FIDIS’s rigorous security procedures. Your future growth opportunities are well protected with us.


Let FIDIS’s MetaFI Crypto Index help you pursue your financial opportunities while you help the next generation to pursue their dreams and aspirations. The metaverse provides new opportunities for all… Is anyone listening? Yes, we are, and FIDIS has the solution to fulfill the promise of opportunity for all.

Expand your Opportunities into Endless Possibilities!