Step up your cryptocurrency investment with FIDIS’s FI25 Crypto Index token!

FI25 Crypto Index Token


FI25 is backed by the top twenty-five cryptocurrencies (excluding stablecoins). All underlying crypto assets are held and secured by top-tier crypto custodians. These underlying crypto assets provide the real value behind our spot based FI25 token. It’s simply a better alternative than the existing, derivative-based Crypto ETFs. Our FI25 Crypto Index token is the first in a series of crypto index tokens which FIDIS will be integrating into our mobile crypto application.  The FIDIS app will allow users to buy and sell crypto, make purchases with crypto-backed debit and credit cards, save, and protect their wealth at higher rates, send money instantly worldwide, and receive loans using FI25 and other upcoming tokens.  Those who participate in FI25 IEO will enjoy FREE instant transfers for life, as well as DOUBLE APY up to the amount of FI25 Crypto Index tokens initially purchased during the IEO with the first saving contract!

FIDIS will be releasing mobile crypto application in Q2, 2022. FIDIS provides you with opportunities to earn passive income with your FI25 Crypto Index tokens.  Stake your FI25 Crypto Index tokens in yield farming contracts on exchanges where it is listed to take advantage of high returns.  Additionally, you can earn passive income by staking FI25 Crypto Index tokens in DeFi liquidity pools.  Every time you provide liquidity for a trade, you earn a commission.  Now, you can generate passive income, participate in the DeFi economy, and be your own market maker all while increasing your diversification and reducing your risk!

Metaverse and NFT wearables


“Cyberspace. A consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation, by children being taught mathematical concepts… A graphic representation of data abstracted from the banks of every computer in the human system.  Unthinkable complexity.  Lines of light ranged in the nonspace of the mind, clusters and constellations of data.  Like city lights, receding.” – William Gibson, “Neuromancer” (1984)

With the advent of the digital age came the creation of digital identities and the thought of a digital life.  In the decades prior, it was dreamed that one day people could work, live, and play in this digital realm free from the constraints of the physical world.  They called it “The Grid”, “Cyberspace”, and “Virtual Reality”.  In a vain attempt at capturing this elusive notion, many tried to create substandard versions, but a lack of technological innovation prevented it from progressing.  Who has even heard about “Second Life” or even “Habitat” today?  As with all dreams, once the idea has been planted in the minds of man, there is no stopping it.  While in the last decade distributed ledger technology revolutionized finance, this decade it will revolutionize your entire identity.  Not only will financial assets be secured by the blockchain, but now, everything physical can be tokenized and secured by the blockchain.  This concept is now called the “Metaverse” and the tokenized items “NFTs”.

Just like FIDIS is committed to your financial freedom, we are also equally committed to your digital freedom.  It is our goal to help create a truly permissionless Metaverse not constrained by the concepts of a bygone age.  Now that the dreams of the prior decades are becoming a reality, FIDIS is committing our resources to help you enter into this exciting new world of possibilities.  We are integrating with Decentraland to provide you with a brand new type of experience.  To reward those willing to take this leap with us into the realm of cyberspace, we are giving away free NFT wearables to those who participate in our FI25 IEO.  Please check below to see potential rewards and qualifications.  Our adventures together will take us many places… Some close to home and some far away, but all at our fingertips.  We invite you to take our hand and join us in this journey.

Welcome to a world of unlimited opportunity… Welcome to FIDIS!
FI25 Crypto Index IEO Rewards

First 8,000 to invest up to $1000 – 2 NFT wearables (Rarity of 10,000)

First 1,000 to invest $1,001 to $10,000 – 2 NFT wearables (Rarity of 1,000)

First 100 to invest $10,001 to $50,000 – 3 NFT wearables (Rarity of 100)

First 10 to invest over $50,000 – 4 NFT wearables (Rarity of 10)

Top IEO Investor – 4 NFT wearables (Rarity of 10) + 1 UNIQUE NFT wearable (Rarity of 1)!

All NFT wearables are issued for Decentraland on the Polygon network