Gift Card in Bitcoin or Gold!

Unforgettable gift for any event.

Struggling to find a desirable gift for your loved ones or a colleague –

Bitcoin or Gold would be your ideal and smart choice!

It is very easy and fast to buy, present, redeem and spend. 



E-gift purchase, delivery and redemption takes a few minutes. 

Spend anywhere

Once gift is redeemed – it could be spent anywhere Visa accepted. 


You set e-gift maturity date: up to 12 months. Get discount up to 12%

Cool factor

Gifting BTC or gold will stand you out and make event memorable.

For any age

Anyone above age 12 would be happy to get some gold or BTC.  

No expiration

FIDIS e-gift never expires. But we suggest to redeem it at maturity.

Grow over time

Redeemed e-gift could be spent immediately or earn some yield.

Educate kids

With FIDIS your kid starts learning how to manage money and grow wealth.


1. Buy online

Choose: amount, BTC, USD, Gold.
Receive a discount: 0, 3, 6,12% based on maturity date: immediate, 3, 6 , 12 months.

2. Present

Present it immediately or at specific day in the future. Send it online or in-person. Code and redemption link would be sent over email.

3. Redeem

Register over the link, providing the code and other details. Redeem your e-gift certificate and get instant access to your BTC or Gold.

4. Spend

Spend your BTC or Gold instantly using a virtual Mastercard. Pay, transfer or even grow your funds over time in saving mode.



1 %
Bitcoin or gold

Bitcoin or gold is highly unexpected, but desirable

1 %

Every 2 out of 3 in the US uses gift cards

1 %
Spend out of chain

Would like to spend gift their own way

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