A simple way to satisfy your customers' needs

Use our API adding a gold standard account features available to your clients. From defining your needs to deploying the end product, FIDIS empowers banks, credit unions, or fintechs to add the most compelling SaaS gold standard banking experience.

Whether you want to deliver to your customer a new gold-banking experience, FIDIS provides you with the toolkit to build and launch it faster and more cost-efficient than anyone else. Take the leap into the next stage of finance and banking.

You can take a mutual control of the custodied gold bullion to increase transparency and protect your customers. 



Gold Standard Account

Back your savings with physical gold

  • Up to 6% APY on physical gold savings
  • Redeem gold into bullion anytime with the app
  • 24/7/365 access to your funds via the app or your debit card
  • Pay expenses with your debit card, which is backed by physical gold
  • All customers’ gold bullion held 1:1 under the custody of IDS and/or Brinks

Instant, Borderless Transfers

FREE for life for early subscribers

  • For those who overpay sending money globally or struggling to receive it instantly  
  • Transfer funds worldwide instantly in Gold or Silver
  • Instant, Borderless 24/7/365 transfers using FIDIS API
  • Access your funds instantly via  FIDIS API or with your debit card 
  • Both sender and receiver must be registered with FIDIS

Crypto Index Investments

Reduced risks and costs with one click

  • Buy only one FI25 token instead of 25 cryptocurrencies
  • Start your crypto investments with as little as 25 US dollars
  • All crypto is stored and secured with top crypto custodians
  • Pay only one fee instead of 25, use one wallet and password instead of 25
  • Reduce your risks, diversifying crypto investments across the top cryptocurrencies

Crypto Payments Solution

Crypto processing for merchants

  • The  crypto payment solution that saves money   
  • Accept crypto payments instantly at a very low cost 
  • Better alternative for merchants to save on high fees with card processing and receive funds next day only 
  • Access to received crypto payments instantly via FIDIS API or with your debit card 24/7/365
  • Keep your funds in crypto or convert to USD with the FIDIS API

White Label Solution

Start your own neo-bank in a few weeks

FIDIS invites influencers, religious societies, communities, sport clubs, gamers, social media groups, business associations, credit unions, or any member group with a community of 1K to 100M+  and provide a Web 3.0 banking  to your members.

Financial services are one of the most lucrative services that you can provide your member base. In fact, FIDIS White-Label Banking Services could quickly become your largest revenue stream.

White label owner with  100,000 active users in a developed country can earn $1,000,000 – $5,000,000 a year.

Building your own private-label branded neo-bank on our FIDIS financial platform is easy with our user-friendly tools. You can be up and running with your member neo-bank in just a couple of weeks.

How it Works

Unlock your new and largest revenue stream
Start your own banking
Serve your members
Unlock new revenue

How to Start


Review options and submit a request

Tell us a little bit what community you lead and what financial services you would like to add.
We’ll connect you with expert for a smooth onboarding process.
No commitment, whatsoever.


A free consultation to define your needs

Our experts will give you a brief overview of the FIDIS platform and plans that we offer.
We will guide you in picking the best plan that meets your business requirements.


We cover all legal and tech requirements

You provide the members and FIDIS provides all the technology, including a blockchain that supports the entire platform.
You're free to choose your brand or use FIDIS name.


Sign an agreement and start integration

After preparing for lift-off, we proceed with signing a contract to build your neo- bank with us.
We engage the customized solutions that meet the needs of your member group.


Go live with a new service for your clients

Once your branded app is built and tested on the sandbox - we are ready to launch.
From then, it’s time to start your own banking.
You’re officially live!

Unlock your new and largest revenue stream!