Protect, Save, and Grow Capital !

FIDIS allows customers store their wealth in physical gold with the convenience of everyday purchases using debit card backed by physical gold.

Every time when you make a purchase with your FIDIS card – we deduct a fraction of physical gold from your balance.

Customers can earn up to 6% a year, use their gold balance to make transfers, pay bills, as they usually do with other banks.

On top of that they can transfer funds instantly to anyone in gold. For that purpose, receiver should open account with FIDIS.

Customers can get loans or credit card against their gold balance as a collateral.

All gold is insured by Lloyd’s of London. Gold custody is managed by best-in-class Brinks and IDS, audited and verified by top providers such as Bureau Veritas or/and SGS.

The best alternative to beat inflation!


Open in 4 easy steps, cancel anytime
1.Sign up

Open account online filing a simple form. Choose amount of gold and term from 3 to 60 months.

2. Fund account

Buy gold or use your current Gold Standard account balance to fund a new account.

3. Get credit line

We set a 50%/60%/70% credit limit on your gold balance based on your membership.

4. Improve credit

Start using your limit after 30 days. We will report your history to credit bureaus. Keep utilization low.


Limited time only: Silver membership is FREE
Buy annual subscription - get 2nd year for FRRE


Good start to protect your wealth
$ 0
00 Month
  • 50% credit limit
  • 2% fees to buy gold 
  • Standard APR on credit


Ideal for regular activity
$ 5
99 Month
  • 60% credit limit
  • 1.5% fees to buy gold
  • Preferential APR on credit


The best value for money
$ 11
99 Month
  • 70% credit limit
  • 1% fees to buy gold
  • Cheapest APR on credit